mommy's sippy cup

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Mommy's Sippy Cup
Mommy always keeps her water nearby so that she can stay hydrated all day long.

Whether you’re working at home or getting back to your office, don’t forget your water.

???? Our bodies need water to flush out toxins, keep cells functioning properly, and help keep everything moving smoothly.

Stay hydrated my friends!

Ways to stay hydrated:

☕Limit caffeine to 1 cup (8oz) per day. If you can’t hold back, that’s ok, drink at least the equivalent of the extra in water. (Example: 2 cup coffee, drink 1 cup extra of water)

???? Flavor that sucker! I know, water can be SUPER boring. Try infusing it with different fruits and herbs. Classics like lemon/lime, or get wild and spice up that lemon/lime with mint. Be spa-like and infuse with cucumbers. Be sweet with berries. The possibilities are endless.

????Limit salty things. It makes you thirstier and holds on to fluid like a toddler with a favorite toy. Salt in the body doesn’t share water with the body, so it keeps you DEhydrated.

????Keep water visible. Keep it at your desk, side table, bed… wherever you are. Water needs to become a friend at your side. I don’t want you to stay thirsty, be hydrated my friends.

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