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On the day of rest, I thought it would be good to touch on fitness.
Our bodies were made to move. It carries us though life taking us to our jobs, our families, our friends, etc.
We don’t need weights but its a helpful tool.
Honestly, we don’t need weights, but it’s a helpful tool. Exercise has many forms and it may take a little work, but finding the one that makes you happy will allow you to stick to it.
What does fitness look like for you right now? Are you happy with it? What would be a simple change that would make big impact.
Maybe it’s going up the stairs instead of the elevator at work. It could be walking in the evenings with your partner or that much needed mental break.
Need structure? There’s so many apps, YouTube channels, and website dedicated to exercise regimens.
Need accountability? Find programs that are in-line with what you’re looking for or it could be as simple as telling a friend to check in with you.
The possibilities are endless and you are the expert in what makes you fill with light. Find what nourishes your body, because most likely, it will also nourish your mind and soul.
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