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How to make time for Self-Care

As we have established, self-care is something that everyone should be incorporating into their daily routines whether that be 5 minutes or 50. It can be difficult to get started as self-care might seem like something indulging and unproductive, but if you spend your time just waiting for your schedule to free up, then it probably never will.


In order to make time, you need to remember to prioritize yourself and allow yourself to have me-time everyday. When you really think about it, the busier you are, the more important it is to take time for yourself. Therefore, in theory, self-care multiplies your time when being productive. The time you take everyday sets the tone for the mood you are in later. Taking a moment to appreciate your time makes all the difference.


If you’re wondering how you can easily begin your journey of self-care you might want to begin by breaking up your time. Setting a full hour aside might seem difficult, especially for someone who is barely starting to manage their time. By dividing your time into smaller parts, it might be easier to get used to having time for yourself without feeling like it is taking time away from your day. Things that could be done in small increments could include taking a walk after dinner, reading a book for 15 minutes, or even squeezing in a short workout.


If it is hard to adjust to a new schedule, then asking for help may be something that can help you take better care of yourself while doing it with a friend. It may not be easy but things like hiring a babysitter, asking a coworker to help out with part of a project or splurging on a babysitter in order to spend more time with your friends or family.


Therefore, taking time for yourself is the most important part of the self-care process as it is the first step to push yourself into making it part of your daily routine. And while there are always roles that we have to juggle that leave us feeling overwhelmed in our day-to-day life, by finding the time in our day to squeeze in that self-care, it can help make the difficult things a bit easier. So remember to take it one step at a time and no matter how much time you take for yourself as long as you do it.

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