Red Meat

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????Red meat continues to be a bit of a controversial topic in some households.
Raw Meat
I would like to focus on the portion sizes of red meat, and other proteins.
As we all continue to work on improving our meals/snacks, we should always keep the portions of these foods in mind. The goal is to have the majority of our plate filled with vegetables and fruit.
For example, the plates with the divisions in them. (Think of disposable plates with the 3 sections.) You would, ideally, want the protein to fit in one of the side sections, not on the open half side. *gasp* ???? insert super upset people.
Reducing the portions of meat and the grains allows for you to add more of the vegetables and fruit. It wouldn’t make much sense to add these items in addition to your usual plate. That amount of food is WAY to much.
Now to touch on the other areas. Try to buy local or organic to ensure sustainability. Avoid processed meats (bacon????, sausage, hot dogs????, and beef jerky). You could always find a local butcher. As for style of cooking, obviously avoid deep frying. Limit charring, as this encourages carcinogens.
It’s all about balance. ????‍♀️⚖
Red Meat
Red meat continues to be a controversial topic.
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