Portion Sizes based on the hand

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Do you ever pickup your fork and wonder if you have too much food on your plate?
Keep reading below to learn how to eat with your hands – without getting dirty.

Ever get boggled down by how much you’re eating of something. Started a food dairy or calorie count, but didn’t know how to measure your food.

Lord knows that we don’t carry measuring cups and spoons, everywhere we go. We could weigh the food, but that’s a whole other ball game. And who would want to carry a scale around?
There’s actually a super simple way to estimate food portions.

???? ???? Use your hands! ????☝️

Portion Sizes based on the hand
Use these simple portion sizing tips when building your plate.
Thankfully, we always carry them with us and the portions would be proportional to you. Use the handy dandy graphic above to get a hold on your portion control.
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