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The signature program was created to help those that struggle with eating well for themselves. For those that have strong core beliefs and wonder how they can improve themselves to further fulfill their life’s purpose. When thinking of how I could really help others, I thought doing a short program would help jump start their pivot in their journey. Help them feel self-fulfilled in the fact that they are nourishing themselves in the way that they nourish their souls. Coming from a Christian background, I truly felt following the fruit of the spirit was a lovely way to marry our truth and our nutrition. What more perfect phrasing than the fruit of the spirit. It not only has food involved, but it resonates the fundamental truths that most people try to instill in their daily lives. So when we started brainstorming and curating the different weeks, we truly thought of what is essential in the nutrition world that resonates in this virtue. Some concepts will be easier than others, and some are not even about food. As a dietitian, we strive to see the client holistically and this program was designed with that mindset.


A lot of people ask me whom this program is designed for and the answer is quite simple, anyone and everyone. This is for someone who wants to get to the next level of their life’s purpose and truth by having a solid nutritional foundation. This is for the person that understands that being able to do the next right thing is also making sure that they take care of themselves. This is for the person that is hitting the reset button, and wants to do the best for them. They acknowledge that they matter and are worthy of taking time for themselves. This is also for the person that is struggling to reach that point and wants to work on it. This program creates a space for those that want to make change, but are scared to do so.



Changing is hard but staying stagnant stunts our personal growth and prevents us from living our truth. At some point, we all have learned and acknowledged that growth is inevitable, but also beautiful. Just as the caterpillar eats until it’s time to go into a little cocoon, and then struggles to break back outside it. This freedom allows it to go and show off how beautiful it’s become. This program is a safe space to make your cocoon, so then you can burst out on the other side feeling fulfilled and confident that you’re nourishing yourself the way you were meant to be.


So what’s inside of this program? Great question. Each week we’ll have a mantra or a saying to turn back to when things get difficult. Of course, we will always have a nutritious recipe of the week to try. Our worksheets are immersive to allow for colorful tracking and note taking. Each truth is paired with a nutritional foundation item, which is critical to help you have a successful nutrition foundation. 

Each week, the content is thoughtfully laid out to help you work within and also to work on something physically. We will challenge you to try new things and stretch outside your comfort zone. 


Fruit of the Spirit
Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progression in your journey.

Here’s a peak of what topics we will cover:

  • Love – Fruits and Vegetables
  • Joy – Cooking
  • Peace – Self Care
  • Patience – Mindfulness
  • Kindness – Physical Activity
  • Goodness – Healthy Gut
  • Faithfulness – Self-Talk and Body Image
  • Gentleness – Sleep
  • Self-Control – Portion Control







We kick off the program with love and what better way to show love for ourselves than with fruits and vegetables. I know it sounds silly how fruits and vegetables are a way of showing self-love, but when your plate is beautiful, you feel valued. Do we not aww in wonder of a rainbow when we see it?

Something special, that I’m thoughtfully and prayerfully putting together, is a reflection section for Christians. Based on a bible passage. But that’s not to say that there isn’t something for those that don’t read the Bible. There is something beautiful about learning from other cultures and religions to help you further understand your own spiritual and nutritional journey. So we are also thoughtfully bringing together other passages from important works to help you reflect and grow.

This program is a giant reset button mentally, spiritually, and physically. This program is created to create that space to do the hard right thing and help you fulfill your life’s purpose. Without your body and your mind and your spirit being physically strong and well nourished we are not at our best to do what brings us joy. At the end of the day that’s why we’re here. We’re here to spread joy and love to others, and that starts at home which is your own body.


I know you’re ready to jump in and you need to know the nitty gritty. We start this adventure on January 18 and run for 10 weeks (to the week of March 29). Each week, the information will be unlocked and reveal the goodies to work on and reflect on. As a bonus, each week has either one-to one sessions or a group session to discuss and provide community to help you grow. 


Registration Link: 

Program Cost: $997

Previous clients get a special discount of $147

Groups of 3 or more receive a $100 discount per person (must all sign up at the same time)

  • Payment plans available upon request


*Program is non-refundable after the first week

**Refunds requested during the first week, are refunded half the price of the program

***Full refunds only given prior to the start of the program

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