At Our Mustard Seed Nutrition, we strive to help our clients live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. We not only focus on the body, but incorporates feeding the soul as well. Our name specifically is based on the bible parable of the mustard seed. Just as the parable states, the mustard seed seems small and insignificant; but when it receives love and nourishment, it grows into a large wonderful tree. Sometimes in life, we need the help to nourish our bodies to become our best selves, and that is exactly what we aim to do!

If you are ready to work together to become the best version of you, contact us and make a change today.


Ana Grimsley RDN LD/N

I’m ecstatic that you’re here! I’m Ana Grimsley, and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist. I’m passionate about bringing my clients to their optimum wellness. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a client being successful in their health and nutrition goals. It would be an honor to educate and care for you, during your health journey into wellness. I have experience with a variety of clients, and NO disease or goal is daunting for me. 

I strongly believe that all foods are equal, whether it’s a mixed green salad or a birthday cake. My goal is to help you integrate your health goals with your mind, body, and soul. This way you’re living your best life as a whole and happy YOU. Not only am I passionate about nutrition, but I have a love for the Lord. I believe that He guides and molds us so we can be at our best for each other. Fortunately, He has guided me to a career in which I can help people achieve their best selves.

So why have a dietitian as a part of your healthcare team? A dietitian looks at each client holistically and looks at all aspects of  their life. Health is much more than eating and exercise. We touch upon the emotional, behavioral, and social aspects that could be affecting your health. Having me as part of your team will ensure that your goals are in the forefront and blend your medical needs with your personal goals.

Start your journey today with me, and get the support that you are looking for.


I stumbled into nutrition not knowing what joy it brings me. There is nothing more satisfying than spending the day talking about food and empowering clients to make healthful decisions in their life. Being a registered dietitian lets you know that I’m a highly trained healthcare professional with a concentration in nutrition. A registered dietitian is someone that has a four-year degree, completed a dietetic internship, and passed the dietitian registration exam. In the state of Florida, you are also required to register a license.

In 2013, I started my dietetics career working in a formula company. There I learned about laws and regulations about what gets put into our food. A year later, I moved into nutrition education with a focus on nutrition for children in low-income areas. I motivated them to get excited about healthy food, how to cook them, and how to stay physically active. I then moved into a non-profit that assisted families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. After, I took a pivot and focused on providing patient-centered care to children in critical moments of their lives. These children had a variety of conditions: cancer, congenital medical conditions, behavioral health, and resolving critical care.